Project:  Western Avenue water main and paving project

May 11, 2017

Plans are to begin construction of the water main the first week of May.  The contractor will be placing signage and saw cutting the concrete the first week.

On May 8th, the contractor began installing the new water main.  This work will take approximately three weeks.  During this work there will be no parking on the south side of the street.  There will be no parking on north side of the street on areas adjacent to the work.  The road will be open to traffic at all times, except the days of pulverizing and paving the street.

The plans are to have water lateral replacement will begin the first week of June.

Kapur and Associates has been hired by the City to inspect and oversee the water main project.  If you are having the water line to your house replaced you or your plumber must contact Jon Vogt at 920-362-6253. Jon will coordinate the work with the plumber and the contractor.

After the water laterals are completed the concrete will be pulverized and the road will be repaved (the same as the south end of Western Avenue from Factory Street to Mill Street).   During the pulverizing and paving the road will be closed to traffic.  We expect this to take two days.

You may also contact me at Plymouth Utilities with questions at 893-1471.


William Immich, P.E.

Director of Public Works / City Engineer