Plymouth Foam Receives New Construction Incentives

Plymouth, WI – Plymouth Foam recently completed a warehouse addition totaling 115,000 square foot at their Plymouth, WI production facility. The company produces insulation and foam products for the construction industry, automotive industry and other foam-based products, such as packaging and toy gliders. The addition will give the business room for warehouse storage as well as the future ability to grow manufacturing capabilities for the developing new foam market.

Plymouth Foam received an incentive of $5,375 from WPPI Energy in addition to a $17,485.00 incentive from Focus on Energy as a result of efficiency measures implemented at the new addition.  WPPI Energy, headquartered in Sun Prairie, WI, provides power and services to Plymouth Utilities plus 50 other municipal utilities, located in Wisconsin, Michigan’s UP and Iowa. Focus on Energy is Wisconsin’s Statewide Energy Efficiency & Renewable Resource Program.

The efficiency improvements, which included LED lighting and controls, efficient windows and HVAC equipment as well as extra roof insulation, are estimated to save more than 210,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually.  The annual reduction in energy consumption is the environmental equivalent of removing 690 cars from the road, planting over 340 acres of trees, avoiding the burning of more than 1000 tons of coal or preventing 1700 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.  Dating back to 2012, Plymouth Foam has completed efficiency measures, including lighting, compressed air and HVAC, as well as an innovative new production process, that are estimated to save more than 380,000 kWh (enough electricity to serve about 50 Wisconsin homes).

Plymouth Utilities, WPPI Energy and Focus on Energy programs help all customers – residential, commercial, agricultural, institutional, and industrial – save energy.  Those energy conservation efforts help Wisconsin customers manage rising energy costs, protect the environment, promote in-state economic development, and control Wisconsin’s growing demand for electricity.

“We’re always trying to keep businesses competitive in our communities,” said Frank Barth, Energy Services Representative with WPPI Energy. “Though providing safe, reliable and affordable power is always our first priority, partnering with our customers to help them use their energy resources wisely is also of key importance.”

 Photo Caption:  Top: Steve Steinpreis, Director of Technical Services, Plymouth Foam, Inc., holds an incentive check presented by Plymouth Utilities. Bottom: New warehouse addition at Plymouth Foam.