Bird City Wisconsin

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Birds are an important part of any community.   Providing protected habitat specifically for birds and expanding such habitat are some of the requirements Plymouth has met to become a Bird City.  Much of the wooded area around the Mullet River and several of our parks have designated bird habitat.  An important part of creating safe habitat for birds is ensuring the removal of invasive species.  There are many invasive plants and birds in our state that without natural controls can overrun native species.  There is information available to help citizens identify and remove invasive species at the Wisconsin DNR website.

In honor of our Bird City designation, Plymouth holds an annual International Migratory Bird Day celebration in May.  The celebration is intended to bring awareness of the various migratory birds that visit our area.  For more information about migratory birds in Wisconsin, please click here.

We encourage residents to enjoy watching the marvelous variety of birds that make their homes in Plymouth as well as those simply passing through.  There are many ways to attract birds to your home including feeders and birdhouses.    For ideas of how to attract birds, visit the Natural Resources Conservation Service and search ‘birds’ or go to the Audubon Society website.

While attracting birds to our urban homes has many positive aspects, there are some negative aspects as well.  Bird strikes on windows are one of the most tragic consequences.  There are many ways to help protect birds from hitting windows.  For ideas please visit Mother Earth News or Bird City Wisconsin.

If you are interested in meeting others who love birds, you might consider joining the Plymouth Bird and Nature Club.  The club meets the 2nd Tuesday of the Months Sept. thru Nov. and Jan. thru April at the IGC, 1500 Douglas Drive at 6:30 pm. Contacts: Bob Triebensee, 893-5156 or Bob Brigham 892-7716.  All ages are welcome.

To read the city’s International Migratory Bird Day Proclamation please Click Here.