Plymouth Parks

Anton Park, 630 Eastern Avenue, is a 2 acre park located along Eastern Avenue overlooking the Mullet River Mill Pond. The park contains picnic facilities and fishing areas.
Bishop Avenue Park, 788 Bishop Avenue. This .2 acre park contains playground equipment and a picnic area.
Carl Loebe Field, 630 Loebe Dr. Carl Loebe Field functions as an active recreation facility. This 4.5 acre site includes a lighted baseball diamond, fencing, concession stand, bleachers and rest rooms. Phone number 920-892-4197

City Park, 203 Suhrke Road, is the community's most versatile park. This 18 acre facility is the city's largest developed park and provides a variety of active and passive recreational pursuits. City Park is home to the Aquatic Center and the 7th Element Skate Park. Other facilities include a lighted softball diamond, concession stand, rest rooms, basketball court, volleyball court, outdoor swimming, playground equipment, picnic areas, lighted winter sledding hill, large parking lot and band shell. The Lower Shelter is available for rent as are the Cake Stand and Band Shell.
Evergreen Golf Course, Plymouth's Municipal Golf Course located at 1776 Eastern Avenue (next to AmericInn) 893-8822. Family fun for everyone! 38 acres, 9-hole, short course and driving range, open to the public, open tee times, club rental, pull carts. Open daily mid-April through October, from 8 am - 8 pm.
Evergreen-Kensington Park This .5 acre park is located at 2107 Kensington, adjacent to Evergreen Golf Course, and contains playground equipment.
Henry H. Huson Park is located at 400 Collins St. and contains 2.4 acres. Serving as a passive recreation facility, this park has bench seating adjacent to the recreation trail which runs from northeast to south west following the Mullet River. A foot bridge crosses over to the downtown area. Within the park area is a steeply wooded hillside along the river.
Ice Skating House is located at 647 E. Main Street just before the Mullet River Millpond. This .01 acre site contains a warming house and is open to the public when skating conditions allow.
Lions Park ,1905 Valley Road, at the intersection of Valley Rd. and Highland Ave. This 6.7 acre site contains a lighted youth baseball diamond, covered bleachers, a concession stand, bathrooms, a soccer field and a parking lot. Phone # 920-893-0742.
Lone Oak Park is located at 2245 Valley Rd., east of Lion's Park. The 8.5 acre park has a playground, a picnic shelter with restrooms, a pick-up ball diamond and off road parking. The adjacent wooded area has a crushed limestone path.
H.M. Meyer Nature Park (Frisbee Golf Course), 300 Daleview Dr., is a 25 acre park located in the southwest portion of the city adjacent to the Mullet River with access from Daleview Drive and S. Milwaukee Street (HWY 67). This park has playground equipment, a parking lot and a Frisbee golf course. The park has undergone renovation to restore the land. The dam was removed restoring the meandering Mullet River that flowed naturally through the area. Meyer park contains a paved walking path for enjoyment of the natural beauty of the area.

Nutt Ski Hill, 750 W. Main St., is adjacent to Roosevelt-Nutt Park. The 7acre facility has a beginners and main ski hill, two electric rope tows, snow making equipment and a parking lot. There is a log cabin style shelter with a kitchen, restrooms, and enclosed deck and a beautiful view from the top of the hill overlooking the northwest part of the city. This shelter is available for rentals and educational opportunities.
Plymouth Dog ParkThis .3 acre park is located in the downtown business district at 39 Stafford St. The park has frontage along the Mullet River and is fenced in with a pet waste disposal container available.
Plymouth Youth Center sits on .6 acre and is owned and by the City of Plymouth and Operated by Community Education. It is located at 609 North Street next to Riverview Middle School. Besides the outdoor basketball court, the youth center provides ample indoor space for various clubs, organizations and private citizens to hold meetings, parties, and other related activities. The center also provides a place for the middle school students to hang out after school and have fun on a Friday night.
Roosevelt-Nutt Park is located at 750 W. Main Street. This 10 acre site has a nature trail winding through a wooded area with educational stops.
Rotary Park is located at 903 East Clifford St. and functions as an active recreational facility. It is a 6.9 acre area with a lighted baseball diamond, fencing, a concession stand, bleachers, restrooms, playground equipment, a volley ball court, as well as a picnic and parking area. Phone: 920-892-6172.
South River Park, 316 South River Blvd., is a 2.2 acre park containing playground equipment and a softball diamond.
Stayer Junior Park is a 2 acre park located in the downtown business district at 39 Stafford St. The park has frontage along the Mullet River and is fenced in with playground equipment and sitting areas.
Bade-Utility Park, 11 S. Milwaukee St., is a 2-acre park located near the intersection of S. Milwaukee St .(Hwy 67) and E. Mill St. It contains two lighted tennis courts and a foot bridge that crosses the Mullet River. There is also a recreation trail that begins/ends at S. Milwaukee St. and follows the Mullet River to the east.
Veterans Park, 603 E. Mill St., is a small 1/2 acre park at the intersection of E. Mill St, North St, and Eastern Ave. It contains benches and landscaping and provides a view of the Mullet River Dam and the river below the dam. It also is home to the September 11th, 2001 freedom tree memorial which was dedicated July 20th, 2002.
Veteran Memorial Trail, 630 Eastern Ave., covers .7 acres and winds along the Mullet River starting at Eastern Avenue and ends near the Mullet River Dam. There are 11 landmarks with flags representative of the war or conflict each landmark symbolizes. There are seating areas and an entry plaza with a Memorial Bell.

Memorials are dedicated to the following wars or conflicts.
Middle East Conflict - Iraq /Afghanistan
Vietnam War
Cold War
Korean War
World War II
World War I
Spanish American War
American Civil War
Mexican-American War
War of 1812
American Revolutionary War