About Us

Your Utility.  Your Government. Working Together.

Plymouth Utilities is a municipal-owned, customer-driven electric, water and wastewater utility providing electric service to the City of Plymouth and parts of 10 surrounding townships including Forest, Greenbush, Herman, Lyndon, Mitchell, Osceola, Plymouth, Rhine, Scott, and Sheboygan Falls. Water and wastewater service is provided primarily to customers within the City of Plymouth.

Municipal Utilities, like Plymouth Utilities, are considered to be part of the local government and are presented as an enterprise fund(s) of the municipality.  Enterprise funds are used to account for operations that are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business or where the governing body has decided that the determination of revenues earned, costs incurred, and net income is necessary for management accountability.  Municipal utilities own and operate the capital intensive infrastructure necessary to deliver the service to their customers.

The City Administrator/Utilities Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Plymouth Utilities with the support of management personnel including the Director of Public Works/City Engineer, Electrical Operations Manager, and Finance Manager.  Plymouth Utilities is a member-owner of WPPI Energy who is the wholesale power provider for Plymouth Utilities along with ancillary utility services.  WPPI Energy is a regional power company which is owned by 51 customer-owned electric utilities established for the purpose of achieving economies of scale in acquisition of power and related resources. The only financial mission of Plymouth Utilities is to cover operating costs and expenses plus a small return for capital improvements.

WATER UTILITY:  The City of Plymouth Water Utility supplies, stores, treats and distributes potable drinking water to City residents.  The utility’s system of accounts records all costs related to the operation and maintenance of the water utility’s wells, storage tanks, and the water distribution system.  The Water Utility primarily serves the residents of the City of Plymouth.

SEWER UTILITY:  The City of Plymouth Wastewater Utility provides the staff and materials to operate and maintain the sanitary sewer collection system and the wastewater treatment plant.  The Sewer Utility primarily serves the residents of the City of Plymouth.

ELECTRIC UTILITY:  Municipal power utilities (MPUs) are created for the purpose of providing electricity and energy services to area residents in an attempt to provide services at a cost less than or equal to that of a privately owned power utility (investor owned utilities – IOUs).  The Plymouth Electric Utility purchases power from an outside generating source or service provider (WPPI Energy) and the local Electric Utility distributes the power over the local distribution system.